How it works

How it works
How does Urfile work for Models and Influencers?
With you can monetize your fan base in no time. All you need to do is create an account on, spend a few minutes setting up your page, and send your Urfile page link to your social media followers on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. As simple as that! If your site attracts your fans, they can simply sign up as a member of your Premium Urfile account by subscribing. After you've added your fans to your personal accounts, they'll have personal access to your very private content and your most intimate moments if they continue to be paying customers.

Premium Content /Videos/Fotos etc.
Your subscribers gain access to your exclusive content feed, which contains photos and videos that you select to share with your paying subscribers.Basically, you can charge your
fans extra for a specific group of photos.

Your premium videos will also be available for sale to help you earn even more money.

How do I manage my members?
When a new user signs up as a subscriber to your content, sends a message with the subscriber's username. Then add this user to your private account so that they can access your private content. When a user cancels or a subscription expires, prompts you to remove the expired user. You have full access through your profile dashboard.

How do the payouts for Urfile  work?
Urfile pays its models and influencers once a week. It is important that you have at least $ 50 in your account to be able to withdraw.

Revenue share
Urfile models keep almost 85% of all revenue stream after credit card processing. Out of urfile’s revenue share. We provide 24/7 model support, social media promotion to Urfile fans, and inclusion in our email blast and newsletters. We work constantly to promote and market our models, and are always developing new revenue-generating features

Who can apply to
be a model?

Anyone 18 and over with a current government-issued photo ID can become an approved model on Urfile. We take extra steps to verify our models’ identity and age. We require our models to have an active social media account (Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter) so that we can be sure that we will be working together to gain the most subscribers. Our application process also requires a selfie to further verify your identity to approve your account so you can start making money and having fun today.