About us

About us
What is Urfile?
UrFile is a tool that models, influencers and artists can use to make money online through their fan base. A fan of a Sugar content creator can view their content for a monthly subscription fee.Urfile 's easy-to-use account management dashboard allows you to manage your members easily and efficiently. Create a free account and start making money now.

Why Urfile? 
We promote our Models, more revenue, more features, and more money.
If you compare Urfile to other fan platforms you will notice see all the advantages specially when it comes to cash. how much more we offer.

The Lifestyle, Shoots, Parties, Events
It doesn't matter whether you are doing sponsored photo shoots with the best IG photographers or partying in a VIP club in London, Paris, or Dubai. We encourage our models to think and live as entrepreneurs. Urfile.net is not only a great online tool that offers a great business opportunity, but we also see ourselves as a business network platform.